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Quick tip: Lowering your cholesterol with food

One very prevalent health problem today is high cholesterol.  I won’t go into all of the science of cholesterol and what causes it in this post; instead, I’ll focus on foods you can eat to help lower your cholesterol naturally.   If you put junk into your body, you will get junk out (or the […]

Eat fat and lose weight?

Contrary to what we have been taught to believe, it is beneficial, actually essential, that we have fats in our diet.  But we’ve been led to believe that eating fat will make us fat.  Therefore, we should eat low-fat products, even if they contain processed ingredients that are harmful to our bodies. So here’s the […]

Recipe of the week: Penne with Chicken Sausage, Tomatoes & Spinach

This is a delicious dish that is super easy to make and only takes about 30 minutes.  This dish can also be easy made into a vegetarian meal by simply omitting the chicken sausage.  Serves 4. Ingredients: 8 oz whole-wheat penne pasta olive oil spray 3 3-oz all-natural, fully cooked low-fat chicken sausages, halved lengthwise […]

What does Clean Eating really mean?

There has been a lot of talk recently about eating clean but many of the people I talk to don’t really understand what it means and therefore don’t realize how easy it can be.  There seems to be quite a bit of confusion about what clean eating really is. Here are some of the misconceptions […]

Thankful for that hour every day

As we celebrate the week of Thanksgiving, I have paused to think about what I am really thankful for.  My 19 year old daughter came home from college yesterday and we were all able to sit down to our regular family dinner.  It was just like she had never left….we talked about school, what was […]

What’s all this Meatless Monday stuff about?

Maybe you’ve heard of Meatless Monday before….there’s been lots of talk about it.  I know you have heard of it if you follow my blog, Facebook or Twitter.  But do you know what it’s about and why it has become so popular? Meatless Monday is an international initiative that encourages people to avoid eating meat […]

My kitchen gadget wish list

I love kitchen gadgets….especially the ones that make my life easier and help with my mission of providing real food to my family.  So as I prepare my wish list of the new gadgets that I would love to get (hint, hint for anyone who needs help deciding what to get me for Christmas :)), […]