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Sweet potato chips

Do you let your kids eat chips before dinner?  I do!  These chips, at least!  They are so easy to make and we all love to snack on them.  It’s an all natural food prepared with all natural ingredients so it’s a healthy snack in every way.  Sweet potatoes are another of nature’s super foods […]

Slow cooker chicken tortilla soup

When it comes to cooking, I’ll admit that I’m a little lazy, especially on weekends.  By the time I get done with grocery shopping and laundry and all the other stuff I have to get done over the weekend, I just don’t want to cook.  But I still want to eat well.  So this was […]

Adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet

Most of us do not get the required amount of fruits and vegetables in our daily diets and need easy ways to add more fruits and vegetables.  But many of us find it challenging to add more.  Here are 10 easy ways to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet that you can start […]

Superfood quick tip: Blueberries

There has been lots of talk about superfoods and their benefits to our diets.  Foods make it to the superfood category by packing a huge vitamin and nutrient punch in a small serving.  We’ve already looked at avocados and the awesomeness they provide.  This time we’ll move on down the alphabet and look at blueberries. […]

January Real Food Challenge

As we wrap up 2012, it’s time to really start thinking about 2013!  With just under a week left until the New Year, what are your goals?  If you are interested in cleaning up your diet, join us for our January Real Food Challenge, hosted by My Real Food Family and My Whole Food Life.  […]

Mushroom pasta and roasted vegetables

I don’t really like to spend much time in the kitchen preparing food.  Interesting, since I blog about food and cooking healthy food!  I do like eating it though :).  So this is what I came up with for dinner last night: Mushroom pasta and roasted vegetables.  This delicious meal met all of my requirements […]

Reading Nutrition Food Labels

Reading the nutrition facts label on any foods you purchase is important to ensuring that the foods you consume contain the necessary nutrients that your body needs.  But looking at all the numbers may be a little confusing or intimidating.  Understanding how to read nutrition facts is quite easy though and can help you evaluate […]