8 Simple Substitutions for Your Health

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Simple substitutions can have a dramatic effect on your health and diet.  These 8 simple substitutions to eat healthier are easy to implement immediately and get you started on a healthier lifestyle.  Try one today and see how easy and delicious eating well can be.

  1. Replace flour with black beans.  In baked goods, no one will ever know the difference but this simple substitution adds extra protein and cuts out the gluten.
  2. Replace white flour with wheat flour.  White flour has been bleached and enriched.  Whole wheat flour adds extra health-boosting fiber while not changing the taste.
  3. Replace sugar with unsweetened applesauce.  Most people do not want to give up dessert to eat healthier.  The good news is that you can eat well AND eat dessert.  Applesauce provides the sweetness of sugar without the calories.  Substituting a cup of applesauce for a cup of sugar will save more than 600 calories!
  4. Replace sugar with stevia.  Stevia is much sweeter than real sugar so you’ll need much less.  And it’s lower in calories so you can still enjoy your sweets.
  5. Replace rice with quinoa.  Quinoa is packed with nutrients and protein.  It’s one of nature’s superfoods and is extremely versatile.  Read about quinoa here.
  6. Replace pasta with spaghetti squash.  Spaghetti squash is a low-carbohydrate, low-calorie option to replace pasta.  After cooking, spaghetti squash looks just like pasta but gives you an additional serving of vegetables.
  7. Replace sour cream with Greek yogurt.  Greek yogurt has half the fat and calories that sour cream has but the look and texture of sour cream.
  8. Replace French fries with sweet potato fries.  Sweet potatoes are another of nature’s superfoods and provides extra fiber and vitamins.  Simply bake them instead of frying and you’ve got a delicious healthy alternative.

Bonus substitution:  Replace white wine with red wine.  The health benefits of a glass of red wine have been well documented as being heart healthy.

What other healthy substitutions have you used that you would recommend to others? 

If you are interested in joining My Real Food Family’s Real Food Challenge, please visit our Facebook page for details.  Also check out our other blog posts for recipes using many of these delicious substitutions.


5 comments on “8 Simple Substitutions for Your Health

  1. Great substitutions! We’ve replaced all processed coffee creamers with non-dairy milks and agave nectar. I like my coffee black, but the hubby needs his knocked up a little. 🙂

    we’ve also replaced ice creams with frozen puréed fresh fruit. much healthier and fun to make!

    • I’ve been working on finding good substitutions for creamer. We save the good stuff for special occasions….like days we wake up :). I started a real food challenge so I’m trying to find something I like-although I can drink it black. I actually learned today that agave is highly processed and much like HFCS. Guess I’ll try something else tomorrow!

  2. […] Simple substitutions can have a dramatic effect on your health and diet. These 8 simple substitutions to eat healthier are easy to implement immediately and get you started on a healthier lifestyl…  […]

  3. I often substitute oil with Greek yogurt when baking muffins, cakes, etc. It makes them moister and no one is the wiser!

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