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Sugar Detox Challenge


We are excited to announce that My Real Food Family and My Whole Food Life have teamed up again for a new challenge!  Our January real food challenge was a huge success and we formed a wonderful community of people interested in cleaning up their diets.  So for February, our challenge will be to eliminate refined sugars from our diets.  This will be a huge challenge for many people but this program will help you take manageable steps to get there over an 8 week period.  And our community will be there to support you along the way!

The Sugar Detox Challenge is an 8-week challenge that encourages you to change one thing each week.  Sounds simple, right?

Here is a summary of what each week looks like:

Week 1: Purge and avoid high fructose corn syrup

Week 2: Avoid white flours and any refined grains

Week 3: Give up all desserts and sweets

Week 4: Avoid all refined sugar

Week 5: Avoid all quick breads

Week 6: Limit natural sugars to 1 teaspoon per day

Week 7: Limit starchy foods

Week 8: No added sugars of any kind

The details of the program we will be following can be found on Naturally Knocked Up (there you can download the sugar detox challenge ebook).  Donielle Baker of Naturally Knocked Up has compiled an awesome resource for this challenge that gives explanations of the different types of sugars (natural and refined) and offers tips on how to overcome cravings by offering different suggestions.

Will you join us?  The challenge starts February 1st! 

Click here to join the group, here to follow My Real Food Family and My Whole Food Life on Facebook.


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