Pear, spinach, and apple juice

I’m really loving experimenting with juice combinations!  Based on the success of this combination, I’m starting to think that you can throw anything in the juicer and have it come out tasty! 


spinach pear apple


This one was not as sweet as the Cantaloupe combo I tried the other day but it has just the right amount of sweetness.  This one is definitely a keeper!


Pear, Spinach, and Apple Juice

1 big handful of baby spinach leaves

2 pears

2 small apples

Add the spinach to the juicer, followed by the pears and apples. Enjoy!


4 comments on “Pear, spinach, and apple juice

  1. My favourite so far is:
    1 bunch of spinach
    4 carrots
    4 apples
    2 cucumbers

    Makes about 48oz and is super yummy. I am currently on Day 38 of a juice fast and this has been my fav so far!

    • Does is save well? The directions with my juicer said to drink within 15 minutes for optimal nutrition. Sure would be nice to have it already made!

      • What I do is make it the night before, and pour it into 16 oz mason jars all the way to the top so there is no oxygen between the juice and the lid. And then I stick them into the refrigerator.

        You can keep them for 24-48 hours, but obviously the sooner the better. Mason jars are great they keep in all the vitamins and essential nutrients. If I had to juice fresh all the time I would have no time for anything else!

      • That’s perfect! I’d like to be able to just make it the night before and have it ready to go. Thanks for the info…I’ll give it a try!

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