Superwoman Smoothie

I’ve been a big fan of smoothies but never really experimented using vegetables and making green smoothies.  For some reason, I just always used fruit (like in my Clean Blueberry Smoothie).  But after hearing about how awesome green smoothies are, I decided to give it a shot!  Now I love fruit smoothies AND veggie smoothies!  And I feel like Superwoman since I loaded up on my veggies already this morning!

superwoman smoothie

This was so good and so easy to make!

Superwoman Smoothie


1 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk

1 big handful spinach

1 banana

1 teaspoon chia seeds



Add ingredients to blender and blend to desired consistency.  Add more ice to make it thicker.  Enjoy!


3 comments on “Superwoman Smoothie

  1. I love spinach smoothies! I’ve never tried chia seeds but I love adding frozen dark cherries. This may be my breakfast!

  2. I’ve never added chia seeds to my smoothies. I know they’re nutritional powerhouses, so I’ll have to try it. Thanks for the post!

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