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Exciting changes for My Real Food Family!

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This post isn’t going to be the usual recipe or nutrition information but I hope you’ll keep reading anyway! My brain has been running non-stop with a gazillion different ideas and it’s really starting to interfere with my sleep so I figured it was time to put it all on paper (virtual paper?) and make it happen.  Gazillion is a conservative estimate too!

Over the past few weeks, I’ve really given a lot of thought about the direction I wanted to take My Real Food Family.  I spend a great deal of time researching potential recipes and end up making a ton of different things but I don’t have any kind of schedule or organization and it all seems kind of random (because it is).  I just post whatever I make when the mood strikes.  Sometimes that’s a series of desserts or main dishes, or whatever else.  Since I am a very schedule-oriented type person, I really wanted to have a schedule of what to post.  So I made up a schedule!  I’ll still make what I feel like cooking but you’ll see it on my blog in a more organized way!

Here’s what the schedule will look like:

SundaySuper Supper Sunday – a complete meal including appetizer, entrée, side, and dessert – of course they will all be made with real food and be quick and easy – you’ll also see some recipes that are perfect for little kitchen helpers

MondayMeatless Monday – I’m a huge fan of meatless meals (and not just on Mondays) – here you will see some of my favorite vegetarian main dishes

TuesdaySimple Soups, Salads and Snacks – how about some simple crock pot soups and salads and snacks that can be thrown together in a few minutes?  YUM!

Wednesday –  What’s for Dinner Wednesday – I’ll be featuring quick and easy main dishes that are perfect for weeknight meals

Thursday –  Throwback Thursday – I’ll look back over  past recipes and will feature a past recipe that I want to make again soon

FridaySweet…It’s Friday! –   clearly I love using alliteration in naming the themed days and this doesn’t fit but every Friday I say “Sweet! It’s Friday!” so we’re going with that and will feature something sweet to eat – could be muffins, pudding, dessert, whatever (all real food, of course)

SaturdaySomething Smart Saturday – this is where you will see nutrition information (you know I love my superfoods) and at least one recipe to help you add that food into your diet in a delicious way!

In addition to these themed days, I’ve got special giveaways and other party-type events planned for our Facebook page and Pinterest followers.  You’ll see lots of new recipes, some link parties, and lots of community sharing.  A Pinterest pinning party is already in the works!  You may even see some instructional videos in the near future!

I’m so excited about everything coming up!  If you have other suggestions or things you like to see, please let me know!  I’m always open to new ideas so just leave a comment here.

If you aren’t connected with our Facebook community or Pinterest, you’ll want to check that out.   Be sure to subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss any updates!  Just click on the links or the icons on the right to connect with me!


One comment on “Exciting changes for My Real Food Family!

  1. Love this! Look forward to all the changes 🙂

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