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Super Supper Sunday

Sundays around my house are typically rest days that end up being really productive.  I know that sounds a little odd but the easier pace really allows me to get a lot of things done and sometimes even work in a nap.  I like to tinker around in the kitchen and experiment with new recipes on Sundays so that usually ends up being the day that we eat especially well.  We usually end up having a multi-course meal for dinner.  So now you’ll get a sample of our big meal each Sunday!


Here’s what we’re having today:


I’m not a huge snacker but Mr. Real Food is so I like to make sure to have something healthy that he really likes.  He really, really liked these Spicy Tabasco Chickpeas.  They are spicy and crunchy which is the perfect combination for him!  He can sit there and eat the whole batch at once but since it’s a guilt free snack, that’s perfectly ok.

tabasco chickpeas


I especially like cooking salmon.  It always comes out looking like a very elegant dish that you’d see at a fancy restaurant but it is really quick and simple to prepare.  So I cook it a lot.  This Glazed Salmon is loaded with delicious flavors and complements almost any side dish.



We paired this salmon with a delicious Spinach and Tomato Salad.  This salad is so easy to throw together and provides all the benefits of raw vegetables.

tomato spinach salad


My current favorite dessert is these amazing Gluten Free Brownies.  They are absolutely delicious and you would never know they are made with all real food ingredients.  They are moist, chocolately and oh so tasty!

quinoa brownie


What’s on your Sunday menu?  Do you cook big meals on the weekends?


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