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Marathon Training – Week 10

My day of rest Sunday was AWESOME!  It was definitely much-needed after a 55 mile week.  And by rest, I mean not running.  I actually spent the day in the kitchen working on several new recipes that you’ll be seeing soon.  Looking ahead to this week’s training, I’ve got 59 miles to cover over 6 days and I have a very busy week outside of running.  So we’ll see what happens.


Here’s the daily recap of each day:


Made it to 5:30 AM Body Pump today, thanks to the motivation of a friend.  I was definitely glad to be back!

Breakfast:  Odwalla Superfood smoothie, half serving of almonds, half serving of sunflower seeds

Snack: Banana, handful of nuts

Lunch: Chipotle salad with black beans, veggies, corn, tomatoes, cheese, sour cream, and guacamole

Dinner: Veggie flatbread pizza, 2 beers, small blizzard (birthday party for a running friend – I planned for a splurge meal)

Had to work late so my 6 mile run got cut short and I only ran 3.  It’s an easy run so I’ll make it up later in the week.


Breakfast: smoothie and a few almonds

Snack: banana and almonds

Lunch: Spinach veggie wrap from Jason’s Deli with fruit

Snack: almonds

Dinner: Red quinoa with sauteed veggies and 2 glasses of wine (don’t judge….it was a tough day)

Had a 9 mile run with 4×800 Yasso’s at 3:45 but since I was at work for 13 hours, that wasn’t happening.  Getting really worried about hitting every run this week….this is a really critical week that I need to feel good about going in to the marathon.  But I am committing to go to the gym in the morning to run even though I’m extremely tired.


Made it to the gym at 5:15 and knocked out 6.5 miles on the treadmill.  Yay me!  Definitely feeling much better about the week.  My current plan is to make up the run I missed yesterday after work today (assuming, of course, I leave before 8 PM).  I was too busy to write down what I ate and now (on Sunday) I can’t remember 😦


Scheduled for a 10 mile tempo run with 8 miles @ marathon pace.  I thought it was more important to get to the speed workout that I missed on Tuesday so that’s what I did before I went to work (yeah, I had to work on the holiday).  The good news is that my speed work was awesome!  I ran up to the local middle school track only to find it locked up.  I could have easily jumped over the fence on one side and actually considered it.  There was a sign that said “no trespassing” but someone had painted over the “no”….that makes it ok, right?  I decided against jumping the fence and decided to run around the school instead.  I did a 2 mile warm up and then my first 800.  I was supposed to run this one in 3:45.  I hit it in 3:30.  Yay me!  I knew the other ones had to be slower but I had plenty of breathing room here.  Hit the next one in 3:34….still well under my 3:45.  Yay me again!  Next one was 3:32.  What?  Last one was 3:20!  Completer shocker there but I was thrilled with that and ended up feeling pretty good about the workout.  Only ended up with 8 of the 9 miles since I thought my co-workers would want me to shower before I went in to work 🙂 .  I didn’t record what I ate that day since it was so crazy (and I’m writing this part on Sunday) but I didn’t make the best food choices.  I can tell you that I had a hot dog at the cookout we went to and watched fireworks.  Everything else was an ok choice, not great, but could be worse.  We didn’t get home until midnight and I was planning to go to the gym in the morning before work so I knew Friday was going to be tough.


I actually made it to the gym at 5:15 to run 6 miles.  About the time I got close to 6, I decided I would just be late to work and make up some of the earlier miles I had missed.  So I ended up running 9 at an easy pace.  Later in the day, one of my training friends texted me and said she was changing her long run to Sunday, I was really agreeable to that. I was way too mentally and physically exhausted to face getting up at 3:30 and running 22 miles.  I can’t remember what I ate Friday but it wasn’t too bad.  The nice thing was that I got to bed early.


I actually slept in today…until 8:30.  It was amazing!  We had eggs and veggies for breakfast and then I napped for an hour or so (I was completely exhausted from the week).  Got up and ran 11 miles.  Again, I don’t remember specifically what I ate, but it wasn’t bad.


Well, this capped off an awful week.  I wasn’t able to sleep at all Saturday night so I wasn’t feeling 22 miles, but I tried.  Met my friends and ran a pretty fast 5412 miles.  After weighing the advantages and disadvantages of completing the full 22 miles, I decided it was best to stop at 12.  Came home and napped for a couple hours.  Then had another 2 hour nap shortly after that.  I decided I would try to finish the other 10 miles but stopped at 4.  I could have pushed through the rest of the 6 but really wasn’t feeling it so stopped.

Overall, I would say I ate about 60-70% clean.  I was disappointed by not meeting my mileage goal/plan but I did end up with 54 miles.  That’s really not too bad.  Hopefully this week will be a little easier and I won’t struggle to get everything done.  It was just one of those weeks. But I’m optimistic that this week will be MUCH better 🙂


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