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Marathon Training – Week 12


This week was a “cut back” week.  Compared to the 60 mile week last week, I guess technically it was a cutback.  I’m just not sure I’d call 6 miles less for the week and an 18 mile long run an easier week, but whatever.  It actually turned out to be a pretty good week and I was grateful for the  shorter mileage.  After last week’s 22 miler, 18 miles did not seem so bad.  And running 6 fewer miles during the week gave me an extra hour to do something else.  I won’t lie about what I used that hour for….I took a nap (and loved it).  I was pretty exhausted this week since I hadn’t taken a rest day since last Wednesday.  Ten straight days of running was exhausting both mentally and physically.  Most of the week I was counting down to today when I would be able to take a rest day.  So here we are on Sunday, and I’m loving my rest day and looking forward to the last week of training before the taper.

Here’s the recap of this week:


Went to the 5:30 AM Body Pump class at the gym before work.  I usually don’t have any soreness from classes but did today for some reason.  Although I haven’t been to class that regularly lately, I think it had more to do with the lack of a rest day, the crazy miles, and just the ongoing exhaustion.  After work I was scheduled to run 6 easy miles but I just wasn’t feeling it and stopped at 5.  Since it was the first day of my training week, I didn’t get too concerned about being a mile short.  I figured I could either make it up later in the week or just end up a mile short.  Either way was no big deal.


I made the decision today to run after work and sleep in a little bit.  That was awesome but made me a little nervous about running after work.  You just never know what could happen.  But I was determined to get it done.  I was scheduled for 8 miles so that’s what I set out to do on the treadmill.  About 6 or so miles into my run, I could hear it raining outside pretty heavily.  Running inside turned out to be a good idea!  At about mile 7.5 though our power went out and the treadmill shut off.  UGH!!  That could have been disastrous!  But it was fine 🙂  I was more annoyed that I was focused on running all 8 miles and I was so close!  The power was out for an hour and a half so I had to add the half mile to the mile I was short from Monday.  Oh well, it’s still early in the week and if worse came to worst, I was willing to just take the shortage for the week.


Met a friend at a local park at 5 AM.  She was scheduled for 7 miles and I needed 10 so that was perfect.  It’s always easier to run with company.  We kept a decent pace throughout and after she left I ran the last 3 miles as tempo (8:03).  I ended up running 10.5 miles so yesterday’s shortage was made up.  It was a fantastic run even though it was hot and difficult.  But it was done!  In the afternoon, I had a chiropractor appointment for an adjustment and hour-long massage.  The massage helped with some soreness but wasn’t as thorough as I would have liked.  But talking to the chiropractor after the adjustment really helped.  He asked about my training and was impressed with how I was holding up with so many miles.  I’ve been a patient there for 5 years so he’s really seen my running come a long way.  It was very nice to hear how far I’ve come from someone else.  I high mileage week for me would have been 25-30 miles and the past 10 weeks or so I’ve been hitting 40-60, mostly 50+.  I really have come a long way!


I again decided to sleep in and run after work.  I was going to book club tonight too so I had to focus on getting this run done.  So it was straight home from work and onto the treadmill.  7 miles easy – done!


I met a friend again at the park at 5 AM.  My training schedule said 6 miles but I was hoping to be able to get the extra mile I missed on Monday done.  It was pretty clear from our conversation that morning that we were all eager to make it to the taper and cut back on our training.  I got my extra mile in and was pleased with my times.  I was super excited to already have my run done and would be able to come home and chill after work.

Saturday Like I said, this week is a cut back so my long run is “only” 18 miles.  It actually was considerably easier to think about 18 miles than 22.  So we met at 5 AM and knocked out 17.5 miles.  Normally, I want to hit each run at 100% but I didn’t worry too much about this one.  I figured the rest of the run was so solid that .5 wasn’t going to make a difference.   I know this sounds a little contradictory to what I said the other days this week but running is mentally up and down.  I was happy with this decision because I felt like I could keep going and had another couple of miles in me.   My goal was to run a 9:30-9:45 pace and our overall pace ended up being 9:37 so that was just perfect.  We even took a quick photo following the run:


Ok, so maybe that’s not a photo of us but that’s what a solid training run feels like!  And it was definitely a great run.  I’d like to be able to say that’s what we looked like following the run but I’ll be honest…I didn’t look that good.  But I felt like that on the inside and that’s what counts, right?!?

As far as eating this week, I ate clean for the most part, just maybe not enough.  For this week, I am really going to concentrate on getting enough quality food in my body.  One of my running friends had also had a B12 injection and was feeling great so I’m going to call my doctor tomorrow and see about getting one too and if that will help get me through the rest of training and keep my energy level up. I ended the week with 54.5 miles, bringing my YTD total to 1,100 miles. I’m actually looking forward to making it through this final week of training before the taper starts.  I really can’t believe I have made it this far.  My plan was to stick with the 3:45 plan as long as I could hang with it.  I made it through 12 weeks of training when I thought I’d maybe make it 2.  In 4 short weeks, I’ll be in South Dakota putting my training to the test.  Can’t wait!

Here’s where I could use your help:  What are your favorite running or workout songs?  I want to add some new tunes to my running playlist.  What are some must have songs?


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