Marathon Training – Week 13

My favorite time of marathon training has finally arrived!  It’s taper time!  And to be completely honest, it got here just in time.  I was getting extremely tired and burned out.  To say it was an emotional week is an understatement.  But, now that taper time is here, it’s all good!



So here’s the recap of the week:


So I know that Sunday was included in last week’s recap as a rest day but this was note-worthy as far as the emotional craziness of the week.  Anyway, on Saturday, my cousin and her boyfriend came over and we had a fantastic evening chilling by the pool.  Since we were swimming, obviously I was barefoot on the concrete deck.  Well…..I stepped on something and it was lodged in my foot.  I assumed it was just a thorn from the rose bush since they had recently been trimmed.  But it turned out to be a shard of glass that by Sunday was quite infected and I could barely walk on it.  Then I was worried about not being able to finish my training, wouldn’t be able to run the race, and all of this would have been for nothing.  I know, I know….a little overdramatic but that’s were I was at that moment.  Glass is out and my foot is fine.  Yep, no big deal.


Today I was scheduled for 6 miles but felt good and wanted to add an extra mile onto the week so that I was on track for my 2013 miles in 2013 goal.  Knocked out 7 miles on the treadmill and felt pretty good.


I don’t know what happened today but it was the worst run I’ve had in ages.  I was scheduled to run 10 so I got out early to get it done.  I was only able to finish 3 miles and they were awful…and I mean awful.  Everything hurt and I was discouraged that I couldn’t even run 3 miles and had less than a month until race day.  My legs were even so sore that I had to get up during the night to take Advil to be able to sleep.  Ugh!


I decided to sleep in this morning since I was still sore from yesterday’s run.  I was scheduled for 6 miles at an easy pace so that wasn’t going to be a big deal to finish after work.  I was hoping to add at least an extra mile or two to make up for what I missed Tuesday.  Fortunately, I was feeling good again and knocked out 11 miles.  That helped me forget about yesterday and focus on making it through the week.


I met my friend this morning to run hills (our final hill run before taper…yay!).  It was a tough run but we managed to run 8 solid miles before work.


Since I was a few miles behind schedule this week, I was going to run twice today.  I ran 5 miles on the treadmill in the morning but my ankle was bothering me a little.  I taped it up and decided to skip the afternoon run since Saturday was a 22 miler and I was more concerned about running well then.  My goal has been to hit my training plan 100% so I could walk to the start line with complete confidence that I did everything I could to have a great race.  So this time I gave myself the executive power to alter the plan.


I’ve been looking forward to this day for many, many weeks.  Today was my last long run!  After today, I start cutting my mileage back and getting ready for the actual race. It’s hard to believe that I’ve stuck to this program for 13 weeks.  It was an extremely challenging plan for me and my goal was to stick with it as long as possible.  I really had no idea that I would be able to finish it.  But here we are, at the end of the plan, and I finished it!  The run was great….we started at our usual trail and ventured off in a different direction just for a change of scenery.  The further we got, the closer we were to taper time and that was very motivating.  When we got to mile 12, we started the official countdown to the taper, one mile at a time.  It was amazing to finish another long run and realize that we are so ready for this race!

My food choices this week were good.  I packed healthy snacks to take to work and had no alcohol at all.  I’m still trying to make sure I am getting enough calories to be properly fueled and that takes some carefully planning and attention.

This upcoming week is going to seem pretty easy compared to the others.  Cutting back from 55-60 miles to 46 will be a huge break!  Now to obsessively monitor the weather conditions in South Dakota 🙂

Only 3 more weeks until race day!  Do you have any races on your schedule?


3 comments on “Marathon Training – Week 13

  1. Yay!! Your running has been very inspirational. Can’t wait to hear a race recap!

  2. Sounds like you had a great final long run and are ready to go… Enjoy your taper time 🙂

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