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Marathon training – Week 14



The end is near!  Sometimes that’s very exciting and sometimes that’s very terrifying.  There has been plenty of both this week!  The temps have really heated up in Texas this week and made every run difficult even though I woke up early and ran at 5 AM.  It will be so nice to get to South Dakota where the temperature seems to be anywhere from 20 to 30 degrees cooler than Texas (not that I obsessively check the forecast or anything).  So here is this week’s recap:


I was only scheduled for a 4 mile run today.  I can’t even remember the last time I’ve run such a short distance.  This almost felt like a rest day!  So I knocked out 4 miles on the treadmill before meeting with the ladies I’ll be going to South Dakota with.  We met at a local bar where I had a chicken sandwich (not battered or fried), French fries, and 2 beers.   I didn’t feel guilty about the splurge meal at the time but the rest of the week wasn’t much better food-wise 😦


Since today was my daughter’s 20th birthday and she was coming home from college for the night, I got my 8 mile run done before work.  Although it was already hot and turned into a challenging run, I was able to hit 6 miles within a few seconds of race pace with a 1 mile warmup and 1 mile cooldown.  Allowing for a slight slowdown because of the temperature, I was happy with my pace.  The birthday girl got to pick the restaurant for dinner so we ended up at the Magic Time Machine.  While most restaurants have at least one meal that’s somewhat close to healthy, this one did not.  I had shrimp and pasta but I’m pretty sure the shrimp was cooked in lots and lots of butter.  The portion was huge and I didn’t eat much of it.  Since it was her birthday, we celebrated with cake and ice cream at the restaurant so I had some of that too.  Now I’m starting to see a trend in dinner choices….


This morning I met a few friends at the park and ran an “easy” 6 miles.  It was brutally hot already and I would not consider any of these miles to be “easy”.  But they are done and that’s what counts!  I can’t remember now what we had for dinner but we ate at home so it was something good and healthy 🙂


Today ended up being a rest day.  I really felt like I needed to sleep in in the morning and work was exhausting.  My tentative plan was to make up the run on Sunday or just take advantage of some extra rest.  Again we had something healthy and delicious at home so I started feeling a little better about my food choices for the week.


Oh boy….today was a tough day.  I had to be at work at 6:30 AM and knew it would be a tough day so I was up at 4 to run before work.  Another 6 “easy” miles that were tough but there was no way they were happening after work.  Had a bagel at work, a sandwich and fruit for lunch, and pizza for dinner (the pizza wasn’t terribly unhealthy).  I had a solid 12 hour workday so I pretty much came home, ate the pizza, and crashed hard.


The temps are totally killing me.  This was one of the hardest long runs I’ve had in a while and it was only 16 miles.  Even last week’s 22 miler felt easier!  Fortunately, I had an awesome running buddy with me the entire way so we helped each other through it.  Then it was off to work again….with a breakfast burrito and then pizza (not the healthy version) for lunch).  I didn’t have to work too late so I was able to get a little siesta in before we grabbed couple burritos and went grocery shopping.


Today I was halfway planning to make up the miles I missed on Thursday but I opted to take a rest day instead.  I didn’t get out of bed until 8:30 (compared to my usual 4).  After breakfast, I napped again for an hour or so and got up to make lunch.  I made some healthy baked black bean taquitos that were intended for the blog but they didn’t turn out very presentable so you won’t be seeing them on the blog (but they were quite delicious).  Spent a little while relaxing in the pool before taking another nap.  I felt much more rested after the second nap and was glad that I took another rest day.  Between work and running, I am completely exhausted and very, very thankful that I was able to relax today.  I started to feel a little guilty about wasting the day but I got over it quickly 🙂

To summarize the week, I guess I’d have to say that I am happy with the 40 miles I ran but not very happy with my food choices.  I knew this was going to be a hectic week so I should have planned my food choices better.  So that’s what I’ll be focusing on this week.  Only 2 more weeks until race day!


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