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Marathon Training: Houston 2014

They say all good things come to an end.  And I suppose that’s true.  But….what if the good thing that ended was replaced by something even better?  Think about that for a minute (I’ll wait)…. Back with me now?  The good thing that is ending is my post-marathon race recovery.  If you missed my race […]

Roasted Garlic and Mushroom Green Beans

We eat a lot of green beans around here.  Everyone in the family loves them.  Before I really started experimenting with different ways to cook foods, we would just steam them in the microwave and season them with garlic salt, lemon pepper or some other random spice.  But since I started roasting them in the […]

Guest Post: Real Food for your Furry Family

Hi!  I am so excited to be guest posting on My Real Food Family! I know some of you have dogs that are your family so I thought you might like this delicious recipe. My name is Bentley Mims and I am a Yorkie and a Real Food Dog.  Like my mom, I am an athlete.  […]

Delicious (and easy) No Bake Chocolate Truffles

After experimenting with these raw brownies and loving them, I was really excited about trying other raw recipes.  And as much as I loved the brownies, I love these even more!  They are simple to make and eat!  The dates give them a natural sweetness along with lots of fiber.  And we need fiber to maintain […]

Guest Post: Real Fit, Real Food Mom

I’m so pleased to have a great guest post this week from LeAnn at Real Fit, Real Food Mom! As my regular readers know, in addition to eating and blogging about real food, I am also a runner. So I can definitely attest to the connection between eating real food and being really fit. I hope […]

Delicious Healthy Brownies

One of the hard things about starting to clean up my diet was giving up sweets.   True, certain desserts can be cleaned up so they are healthier but most of the time it’s just not the same.  I finally found a healthy dessert that is even better than the original.  Yes, I said it, these […]