Marathon Training: Houston 2014

They say all good things come to an end.  And I suppose that’s true.  But….what if the good thing that ended was replaced by something even better?  Think about that for a minute (I’ll wait)….

Back with me now?  The good thing that is ending is my post-marathon race recovery.  If you missed my race recap of that, be sure to check it out here.  The even better thing that is starting is my training for the Houston Marathon in January.  I learned so much from my last race and I’m eager to apply those lessons to training for the Houston Marathon in January.  I have totally enjoyed this recovery time.  The race took a lot out of me.  That might be the understatement of the year!  I took 2 full weeks off from running, which is longer than any of my previous marathons.  About mid-week on the second week, I was itching to start running again.  But I resisted.  After 2 weeks, I was ready to test out my legs with the intention of jogging/walking 4 miles.  Much to my surprise, I felt great!  That 4 miles turned into 6!  And it was awesome to be back!  I won’t bore you with the details of my runs since then but I eased back slowly and didn’t worry about pacing or distance or anything else.  I focused on thinking about my next training plan and what I wanted to accomplish with it.

The Training Plan

The brutal part of my last training plan was running 6 days a week.  It was mentally and physically exhausting for me and, looking back on it, just too much.  Near the end of training, I had stopped going to the gym for Body Pump classes (which I love).  I only had time to run.  So I definitely want to make sure I have time to do other workouts instead of just running every day.  That was a big priority in this plan.  Fortunately for me, my good friend Monica put together her training plan and shared it with me.  I made some modifications to adjust for things I want to do but the basic plan is hers.  Here is what it looks like:

Houston 2014 training plan-page-001

A couple of things to note about the plan:  I don’t have a specific rest day scheduled.  I realize this is critically important, but I will be taking a rest day each week as I need it (whether that’s due to scheduling or physical/emotional need).  Some days I have listed multiple classes at the gym.  I will not be doing all the classes….these are the ones offered that should work with my schedule.  I’ll just do the one that I feel like doing that day and keep it enjoyable.  The biggest thing is that I am going to be flexible with this training.  It doesn’t look like it, but there is lots of flexibility built-in here.  I am thinking of it as a general guide, written in pencil, subject to change.

I am super excited to start this training cycle!  Even though I really enjoyed the recovery time, I feel like this training is going to be even better and I can’t wait to get started!  So stay tuned for a weekly recap of my training and see how it’s going!


What races do you have planned?  How do you train?


2 comments on “Marathon Training: Houston 2014

  1. […] you want to see the complete training plan, click here.  This week’s schedule […]

  2. Race plans have been derailed due to injury but if all goes well with my run this weekend I can start thinking about signing up for a race! Wish me luck!

    How did you manage running 6 days/week? The time commitment and the physical aspect seems daunting.

    I love the feeling of starting a new training plan 🙂

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