Marathon Training – Week 4: Hallelujah and OMG!

I mentioned in last week’s recap that I was really looking forward to this week since it was a cutback week.  The reduced mileage was nice but kind of has an odd mental impact.  Rationally, I realize and understand that my body needs time to rest and recover.  But that seems counter-intuitive in other ways.  Shouldn’t I be running more miles to be even more ready for the marathon?  I think back to the saying that it’s better to get to the start line being 10% undertrained than 1% overtrained.  Ok, point taken – I’ll take an easy recovery week.  Now that the week is over, I really do feel good and energized, ready to face the next 4 week block of training. Hallelujah for recovery weeks!

One of the goals I set early this year was to run 2013 miles this year.  I won’t say it was a huge goal that I really had my heart set on but I thought it would be really cool.  But an injury in the spring set me back and I took 2 weeks off after my marathon in August so that put me pretty far behind.  I figured I was so far behind at that point that I didn’t bother tracking my progress.  Since I wasn’t running as much this week, I spent a little time studying my training plan and reviewing my training log.  I noticed I had run more than 1500 miles so far this year.  When I looked at my training schedule, I could see I had over 400 miles left.  Hmmmm….doing the exact math told me I would only be short 57 miles short of 2013 miles for the year.  A look at the calendar told me there were 67 days left.  That means by adding less than one mile each day, I could hit my goal (see?  math is totally useful!).  Totally doable, right?!?  That was OMG moment of the week.  Needless to say, I’ll be adding an extra mile or two here and there and doing some other rearranging to the schedule.  I was super excited to realize the goal I thought was out of reach can actually happen.  I’m determined to do it!

Here’s what I had scheduled this week:

Monday:  Easy 7 miles and body pump/CX works

Tuesday:  Rest or cross train

Wednesday:  Easy 6 miles and yoga

Thursday:  Easy 6 miles

Friday:  3 miles easy and body pump

Saturday:  3 miles warm up / 3.1 miles race / 3 miles cool down

Sunday:  Body pump or spin

And here’s what I actually did:

Monday:  I got up early and headed out in my neighborhood for 7 easy miles.  I managed to keep them pretty easy too.  I actually kind of enjoyed running in the dark with just the sound of my breathing and footsteps.  After work, I made it to the gym for Body Pump and CX Works.  I wish it was easier for me to make it to those classes.  I like the challenge of lifting weights!

Tuesday:  I was very intentional about taking today as a rest day since I didn’t take one last week.  With all the extra time, I made these pumpkin donuts, cooked dinner, prepped dinner for the next 2 nights, and did 2 loads of laundry.  Apparently, I’m not really clear on what “rest” means but I did not actually run so I’m counting that!

Wednesday:  I had a chiropractor appointment scheduled for today so I knew I needed to get my run done before work.  So this was 6 easy miles in my neighborhood again.  This whole running early in the morning thing is kind of growing on me!  After work and the chiropractor, I did some yoga.  I think that really confused the cat and dog.  But they were both good sports and did a pose or two with me.  My dog is really good at downward facing dog and the cat enjoyed laying on my stomach while I was doing hip bridges.  It’s always helpful to have a workout buddy…even a furry one!

Thursday:  This morning I met Monica for an easy but hilly 6 miles.  As much as I enjoyed running alone the other days, it’s still really nice to run and talk with a good friend.  We even managed to keep the pace relatively easy.  That’s quite an accomplishment for us!

Friday:  This is where the schedule started changing to get some of those extra miles in.  I was only scheduled to run 3 easy miles but decided to run 4 to work on my deficit.  I contemplated running 6 like the other days but thought that might not be a good idea the day before a race.  So I just ran 5.5 🙂   After work, I made it to the gym for Body Pump.  Now that I’m going more regularly now, I feel like I’m getting some of my super awesome strength back.  Ok, maybe it’s not super awesome strength but they aren’t baby weights either!

Saturday:  Today’s scheduled run was a 3 mile warm up/ race a 5k/ 3 mile cool down.  We got a 2 mile warm up in and checked out part of the course.  We didn’t really want to push it before the race.  As it turned out, 2 miles was the perfect amount of the warm up.  We headed back to the start line and were lined up by expected paces.  Somehow we ended up really near the front (as in 2nd row) at the start.  So we took off and separated.  I didn’t look at my watch the entire first mile but still had Monica in view.  Because she told me before the race that she was going to make sure to keep the first mile around 7:30, I thought I was at a challenging but good pace.  It felt pretty good, at least.  I caught up with her right at the 1 mile marker with the timer that showed 7:06.  Ummm….FAIL!  We are really not good at pacing.  She told me at that point that she thought there were only 2 females in front of us and she thought they were younger.  Guess we’ll have to fight that one out to see who the master’s female winner would be.  I knew she could comfortably beat me so that was just friendly mid-race trash talking :).  As expected, I slowed a little at mile 2 and had a 7:30 split.  The clock at that mile marker showed 14:36.  I’ve never seen that time at mile 2 before!  Hmmmm…..I’m actually on track to get a PR!  Mile 3 was a little slower and ended up at 8:01.  The last .1 was at a 6:56 pace!  My finish time was 23:29!  OMG!!  I ended up being the 3rd overall female and winning first in my age group.  What an awesome run!  We had planned to do a 3 mile cool down but only ended up doing 1 mile to make sure we made it back in time for awards.  Tomorrow isn’t a scheduled run day but I’ll probably run a few easy miles just to shake out my legs from today.  Lots of people at this race had capes on so we borrowed some after the race for this photo.  I kinda felt like a super hero after taking a minute off my previous PR!

photo (4)

Sunday:  I intended to go to Body Pump at the gym today or at least do a kettle bell video today but the day kind of got away from me.  I still had my 3 miles to make up from yesterday and added another 3 to get closer to my goal.  I could still get in some weights if I wanted to but I really need to get some cooking and cleaning done.  Body Pump tomorrow for sure.

I did really, really well with my food this week.  It wasn’t perfect but the only time I didn’t eat clean was the Pumpkin Spice Latte I had at Starbucks and the cup of soft serve ice cream I had at Jason’s Deli.  Both of those were post-race Saturday so we’ll call it a celebratory treat.

What are your workout plans for this week?  Any races coming up?  For those of you new to my blog, check out this feature from Road Runner Girl to learn more about me!


6 comments on “Marathon Training – Week 4: Hallelujah and OMG!

  1. Ooh, congrats on your 5K PR!!!! I’m trying to break 24 minutes, so I’m quite envious. 🙂

  2. Good work on your training and your detailed training documentation. That’s a monumental goal of running 2013 miles for the year. Stay injury free!!
    The sunday am spin class at 24 hr. Castle Hill is a good work-out with a hard driving instructor.

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  4. Hey Go You!! Hugs from Oz, Paula xx

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