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Marathon Training – Week 5: Just Keep Going

Well this has been a busy week.  So busy, in fact, that this blog post is rather late :(.  But as they say “better late than never”.  Yeah, we’ll go with that.  I made the commitment to document my training and I’m sticking to it (and promising to not let this happen again – which is why you’ll see week 5 and week 6 so close).  Anyhoo….on to my week.

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This is what my schedule looked like:

Monday: 6 miles easy

Tuesday: Rest or cross train

Wednesday: 6 miles speed work

Thursday: 10 miles marathon pace

Friday: Body pump or spin

Saturday: 17 miles conversational pace

Sunday: 6 miles easy

And here is what my reality looked like:

Monday:  Met Monica at Arbor Hills for our “easy” run.  Like I said before, easy is a relative term.  We just run.  In reality though, this is probably closer to our hilly race pace workout.  We knocked out 8.5 hilly miles at a nice pace that felt good.  After work, I made it to Body Pump and CX Worx for some weights and core work.

Tuesday:  I thought I was going to be taking it kind of easy today and doing a kettle bell video.  The video was pretty tough and I worked up a good sweat!  I haven’t decided if I love kettle bells or hate them.  I’ll have to get back to you on that one!

Wednesday:  This morning was super humid outside and I had a tough run so this didn’t end up being a speed workout.  I just had to tell myself to just keep going.  I thought a lot about my other training partner that is out with an injury now and how much she would love to be running right then.  So I sucked it up and got it done.

Thursday: I’ve been extremely optimistic, happy, excited, and pleased about almost every run prior to now.  I knew one of these days that would end.  And today was that day.  Some days are just bad run days and you let it go.  I used that day up yesterday though.  Today I wanted to quit.  Yep, I said it, I wanted to quit.  I was having my health assessment done at work this morning so I had to fast….so no pre-run coffee or snack.  Add the humidity to that and it’s starting to look like a recipe for disaster.  And it was 😦 .  By mile 3, I was really struggling and walked a little.  I was pretty close to home at mile 4 but somehow convinced myself to keep going and not stop.  I was hoping to hit my groove again and get passed the negative feelings but that didn’t happen.  I ended up calling this one at mile 6.  I was really disappointed and upset about it but sometimes that’s just how it is.  But fortunately, Friday didn’t have a run scheduled so I would be able to make up those 4 miles.

Friday:  Apparently coffee is very necessary to my success as a runner.  I had my usual cup before heading out for those 4 miles.  My intention was to run at least 4 but I allowed time for 6, just in case.  Letting go of the previous 2 bad runs allowed me to enjoy this run and go all 6 with a good attitude!

Saturday:  Today we ran 16 at a really solid pace.  It felt good and I wasn’t wiped out like usual after such a long run.  We actually both felt like we could keep going.  This was really a confidence booster and is making me rethink my marathon goals.  I’m sure more about that will be coming soon 🙂

Sunday:  I actually managed to keep this easy run at a truly easy pace.  It felt good to do a recovery run and get my legs moving after Saturday’s long run.  7 miles done!

Total mileage for the week….49.5 miles.  I really wish I would have looked at that before the actual end of the week and put in that extra .5.  Oh well.

As far as food choices go, it wasn’t such a great week.  My meals were all good but we ended up with a ton of Halloween candy in the house….and it was chocolate….and I am not proud of it.  But the good thing about slipping up is that you can get right back on track right now.  And I’d like to say that’s what I did but I can’t just yet.  Those darn chocolate candies….

What did you do this week to stay active?  Were you able to avoid Halloween candy?  If you haven’t seen my new Facebook page, please stop by and like it!  You’ll find daily fitness motivation and encouragement!


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