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Marathon training – Week 8: Halfway There!

This cutback week came at the perfect time.  After last week’s awful race (I’m totally over it now, really), this was a much needed break.  It gave me a little time to relax and enjoy each run and get my mental focus back.  I wouldn’t say it was an ideal week since I started having some knee pain but I was able to take care of that with minimal impact to my training.


So here’s how my week looked:

Monday:  I took Monday as a rest day.  Or a mental day.  Or whatever.  I just didn’t want to run.  Or do anything.  So that’s what I did (or did not do, depending on how you look at it).

Tuesday:  Today was a great 7 mile run.  Everything was good, including my attitude.  I even did Pilates after I got home from work that evening.

Wednesday:  The plan was to run 8 miles this morning but a couple of miles into it, my knee was really hurting.  Rather than push through it, I decided to go home.  Fortunately, I already had a chiropractic appointment scheduled so I got that fixed.

Thursday:  Today I was still pretty sore from yesterday’s adjustment and massage so I took another rest day.

Friday:  Since yesterday was a rest day, I needed to get my speed work done.  So that’s what I did, 8 miles DONE!  Probably not the best idea to do speed work the day before a long run but this is a shorter long run so hopefully that works out okay 🙂

Saturday:  It’s kind of funny that a 14 mile run doesn’t seem like that big of a deal anymore.  It’s definitely a beautiful thing to see on your schedule when you’ve been running high mileage weeks.  The problem with today’s run is that it was freezing and kind of rainy.  Yep, one week after it was 80 degrees.  I’ll admit I kinda had a bad attitude about doing this run.  It was WAY warmer in my bed!  But the nice thing about having training partners is that they motivate you when you don’t feel it yourself and that’s exactly what happened.  I got it done with a little pushing.  But done is done, regardless of how you look at it!

Sunday:  Today was a nice, easy 10 miles on the treadmill.  I know that sounds awful to many (or all) of you, but I was able to listen to some self-improvement podcasts and that really kept me going.  So, all in all, I had an up and down week but ended on a high note, ready to face the next block of training.  I can’t believe we’re halfway done with this training already and the race is only 8 weeks away!


My eating has been better this week.  I don’t remember the details, but I generally don’t if I’m eating well since that’s common practice.  The next 8 weeks will really be a time to focus on making good food choices and staying healthy during the holiday season.

How is your training going?  What do you listen to on the treadmill?


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