Marathon training – Week 9: Running is a team sport

I knew this week was going to be a challenge since it was Thanksgiving and I was travelling out-of-state to visit family.  Considering this was a tough training week without any changes to my regular schedule, I was a bit concerned.  Weeks like this are the reason they advise us to plan ahead and to make time for exercise.  I definitely had to be focused and committed to make it happen this week.  And I won’t even talk about the food I ate….at least not yet 🙂

Here’s how the week worked out:

Monday:  The weather forecast was bad for today.  There was a lot of talk about ice and freezing rain and just generally bad conditions.  I had a pretty good idea that I wouldn’t be leaving the house to run outside.  So I opted for an 8 mile treadmill run after work.  Definitely much better than running in freezing rain!

Tuesday:  Since today was a speed work day, I decided run on the treadmill again.  I’ll admit it, I’m somewhat of a fair weather runner.  I managed to get in 8 awesome miles and felt pretty good.  I think this speed work thing is working…

Wednesday:  Because I took a vacation day today, I was able to run with 2 friends that I haven’t run with in a while.  It was so nice to run and chat with them (even though it was bitterly cold).  Before I knew it, 7.5 miles had passed!

Thursday:  Since we were driving from Texas to Arkansas to celebrate Thanksgiving, I knew it was highly unlikely that I would be able to run today so it was a rest day.  I would have enjoyed an evening run but considering we were way out in the country and there are all kinds of wild animals, I passed on that.

Friday:  Today was a tempo run that ended up being run on the track at the high school.  The roads in the area are super hilly and since that wasn’t the purpose of my run, the track it was.  I consider this run to be an exercise in mental toughness.  Just imagine how difficult it is to run 40 circles around the track (and pass your car 40 times).  But I got it done and hit every mile faster than I planned to.  Maybe that was partially because I just wanted to get it done.  Regardless, I got it done!

Saturday:  Since we were headed back to Texas today, I knew I needed to get my run done early.  It was highly unlikely that I would want to run after being in the car for 6 hours.  Had I been home, I would have run a local 10k with my friend.  Since I couldn’t physically run with her, I did the next best thing and ran with her virtually!  I think I ended up with the hillier course but it was fun to know that we were supporting each other.  See?  Running isn’t just an individual sport, it’s a team sport!

photo (7)

Sunday:  I usually do my long runs on Saturday morning but that wasn’t an option since I was in a different state.  The thought of running 18 miles on my own wasn’t very appealing at all.  I’d like to say I would have done it, but I’m not sure that’s true.  But my training partner suggested switching our long run days so we could still run together.  Um, yeah, let’s do that!  After being off of my regular schedule and not eating the foods I normally eat, I wasn’t feeling my best.  Although I wasn’t 100%, it ended up being the fastest 18 miles I’ve run and actually felt good.  I can honestly say that would not have happened if I had to run on my own.  See?  Running is still a team sport!  As if a tough 18 mile run wasn’t enough, I started Insanity.  Even the fit test was hard!  But I’m not one to back down from a challenge!  I ended up with a total of 58 miles this week even with those challenges!

photo (8)

I don’t even want to talk about what I ate this week.  Can we just leave it at it wasn’t good?  Even though I eat clean most of the time, I don’t make a big deal about it and act like a picky eater.  I enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast with all the sides and dessert.  That was followed by dinner out the next night and pizza the day after that.  But I’m back on my regular diet and have been 100% clean today!

How was your Thanksgiving?  Did you struggle finding time to work out or challenges to eating healthy?


2 comments on “Marathon training – Week 9: Running is a team sport

  1. I unquestionably must be centered and submitted to get it going without much fanfare.

    Maybe that was in part in light of the fact that I recently needed to finish it.

  2. Wow! I admire your stamina! I was just telling my husband this morning that I’ve been fighting a desire to start running. Because I don’t like running. hehe I never ever have yet … I have a desire to do so. Go figure!
    Keep up the good work April!!

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