Raspberry Lemonade

It’s summertime in Texas.  And while it has been a pretty mild summer as far as summers go, it’s still hot.  Water is almost always my drink of choice but sometimes I really need some lemonade to quench my thirst.  But after reading the label for lemonade mixes, there’s no way I am going to […]

Broccoli and Spinach juice

Most of the other juices I have experimented with have been mostly fruit so I was eager to try mostly veggies.  Again, it seems you can’t really go wrong with anything you throw in the juicer.  This combination has just the right amount of sweetness and is an easy way to drink your vegetables!   […]

Pear, spinach, and apple juice

I’m really loving experimenting with juice combinations!  Based on the success of this combination, I’m starting to think that you can throw anything in the juicer and have it come out tasty!      This one was not as sweet as the Cantaloupe combo I tried the other day but it has just the right amount […]

Cantaloupe, apple, spinach Energy Juice

So this was the first time that I’ve used my juicer in at least two years….and that was before we were eating real food so I didn’t enjoy it (or use it) much.  I knew I wanted to start using it again to further supplement my diet without actually taking a supplement in pill form.  […]