$300 giveaway!!

I can’t believe it’s been a year since Lucy, Kerry, and I started blogging, here at Coffee With Us 3! We’ve learned so much (honestly, I never knew there was so much to learn!), and we’ve had a lot of fun getting to know our readers, social media followers, and other bloggers.  If you are […]

Healthy Eating Highlight #4

Hope you guys all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We’ve been visiting my brother in Arkansas for a few days and loving the relaxing family time! This week’s featured healthy eating highlight is Jungling from Living Natural Today.  Like many people, Teresa’s transformation was the result of health concerns.  She offers some excellent advice that will […]

Marathon Training: Week 1 – Hear Me Roar

Marathon training has officially started!!!  YAY!!!  Like I said last week, I really enjoyed the recovery time, but I really love the focus of an official training plan with an end goal.  Yes, I’m a very goal-driven person….I fully admit to that.  I am calling week 1 a success but it wasn’t without its challenges […]

Marathon Training – Week 11

This was another up and down week in many ways.  I was crazy busy between work, training, and life in general.  But I survived!  I didn’t have any time during the week to work on my blog so this will just be pieced together as much as I can remember it.  So here we go….. […]

Peanut Butter Granola Bars

I love granola bars.  They are just so convenient, portable, and healthy.  Right?  Um, no, not necessarily!  Just look at the label for these 100% natural granola bars: Since when is high fructose corn syrup all natural?!?  You just don’t need to have all these ingredients to make delicious granola bar! These granola bars are […]

Throwback Thursday – Protein Energy Bites

I picked these energy bites for Throwback Thursday because they are one of my favorite snacks.  They are so easy to make and are the perfect healthy snack!  I tried using them as fuel on my long runs but they are really too good for that….I wanted to stop and enjoy them and keep eating….not […]

Exciting changes for My Real Food Family!

  This post isn’t going to be the usual recipe or nutrition information but I hope you’ll keep reading anyway! My brain has been running non-stop with a gazillion different ideas and it’s really starting to interfere with my sleep so I figured it was time to put it all on paper (virtual paper?) and make […]