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Marathon training – Week 9: Running is a team sport

I knew this week was going to be a challenge since it was Thanksgiving and I was travelling out-of-state to visit family.  Considering this was a tough training week without any changes to my regular schedule, I was a bit concerned.  Weeks like this are the reason they advise us to plan ahead and to […]

Marathon training – Week 8: Halfway There!

This cutback week came at the perfect time.  After last week’s awful race (I’m totally over it now, really), this was a much needed break.  It gave me a little time to relax and enjoy each run and get my mental focus back.  I wouldn’t say it was an ideal week since I started having […]

Marathon Training – Week 7: The ideal running temperature

Well….seems that I’m a little late again getting this post out.  I could make all kinds of excuses (race on Sunday, too tired, etc) but the truth is that I had a pretty bad ending to the week.  The rest of the week was great but one day seemed to overshadow the other 6 days.  […]

Marathon Training – Week 5: Just Keep Going

Well this has been a busy week.  So busy, in fact, that this blog post is rather late :(.  But as they say “better late than never”.  Yeah, we’ll go with that.  I made the commitment to document my training and I’m sticking to it (and promising to not let this happen again – which […]

Marathon Training – Week 2: Off Season is Over

I’m finally getting over this cold and feeling pretty normal again.  Man, what an energy drain that was.  But I survived week 1 of training and was looking forward to week 2.  This week was a mileage increase week according to the schedule.  I increased my overall mileage from 40 to 46.  I know that […]

Marathon Training: Week 1 – Hear Me Roar

Marathon training has officially started!!!  YAY!!!  Like I said last week, I really enjoyed the recovery time, but I really love the focus of an official training plan with an end goal.  Yes, I’m a very goal-driven person….I fully admit to that.  I am calling week 1 a success but it wasn’t without its challenges […]

Marathon Training – Week 15

I can’t believe that there is only one week until race day!  When I started training, it seemed so far away but it’s finally time!  I’d like to say that I am enjoying the taper time with far fewer miles but that hasn’t been the case.  This week has been up and down between feeling […]