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The Best of 2013

Happy New Year!  I hope your year is off to a fantastic start!  I always like to spend the last couple days of the year reflecting on the past year and reviewing all the amazing things that happened throughout the year.  It really sets the tone for the upcoming year.  And this year was no […]

January Clean Eating Challenge

January is that time of the year when we all make new resolutions to eat better, get in shape, or lose weight.  So that’s the perfect time for a clean eating challenge!  We could all use a little support and encouragement in reaching our goals and that’s what this group will do for you!  Will […]

Marathon Training: Houston 2014

They say all good things come to an end.  And I suppose that’s true.  But….what if the good thing that ended was replaced by something even better?  Think about that for a minute (I’ll wait)…. Back with me now?  The good thing that is ending is my post-marathon race recovery.  If you missed my race […]

Guest Post: Real Fit, Real Food Mom

I’m so pleased to have a great guest post this week from LeAnn at Real Fit, Real Food Mom! As my regular readers know, in addition to eating and blogging about real food, I am also a runner. So I can definitely attest to the connection between eating real food and being really fit. I hope […]

Super Supper Sunday

Sundays around my house are typically rest days that end up being really productive.  I know that sounds a little odd but the easier pace really allows me to get a lot of things done and sometimes even work in a nap.  I like to tinker around in the kitchen and experiment with new recipes […]

Our favorite soups

The slow cooker is very high on my list of “best inventions ever”!  It is so convenient to just throw a couple things in in the morning and come home to a delicious meal.  These are my family’s top 4 favorite slow cooker soups (in no particular order since we would never be able to agree […]

Superfood: Salmon

Growing up, I never really enjoyed eating fish so, as an adult, it was something I never served my family.  But in an effort to reduce the amount of red meat in our diets, I decided to give fish another shot and tried salmon.  And I loved it!  I did more research about what makes […]