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No Bake Frosted Brownies

After making a couple other no bake desserts, I decided that I loved them and there was no reason to ever turn my oven on again.  So maybe that’s stretching it a bit, but I do love that I only have to throw a few ingredients into my Ninja and out comes some deliciousness that […]

Coconut Energy Bars

Since making a couple of raw desserts using dates, I started looking for other ways to use them.  I love the idea of just throwing a few ingredients into my Ninja and having a delicious, healthy dessert or snack in like 5 minutes.  Not using the oven saves so much energy….my energy – you know, […]

Delicious Healthy Brownies

One of the hard things about starting to clean up my diet was giving up sweets.   True, certain desserts can be cleaned up so they are healthier but most of the time it’s just not the same.  I finally found a healthy dessert that is even better than the original.  Yes, I said it, these […]